The Six Step App Development Process

A cost effective development process that has helped $100m+ turnover companies & startup founders get most bang for their buck.
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How did we come to this unique 6-step process ?

This has come from our experience of working with several businesses, making mistakes and learning in the process. Like most agencies we closed deals without adequate requirement analysis and detailed development strategy. This led to -

  • Not having enough understanding of client goals.
  • Development time span exceeding estimated timeline.
  • Sometimes actual project cost exceeded the original estimate.
  • Last minute surprises for clients.

Here`s how our six Step formula works.


Usually requires 2 to 3 one hour calls

At this stage we are all ears. We hear from you about your app idea, your end goals, your expectations, and most importantly your WHY. This helps us understand the pain point you are solving and aligns your vision with the thought process of our solution architects.


Usually requires 2 to 3 weeks

The next step is to sketch the app & web interface to prepare a detailed features & functionalities list. This will give you detailed understanding of how the app would work and see the quality of our work before making any larger commitment.

App Design & Development

Usually requires 10 to 14 weeks

In this step, we start with a Product Backlog. Depending on the priorities of the features we distribute Visual Designs, API, Backend, and App Development in equally spaced sprints of 1 to 2 weeks with the objective of releasing a working app version at the end of each sprint. This helps you to regularly share your feedback and share the working app with other stakeholders.

Beta Launch

Usually lasts 4-6 weeks

Before public release, we publish the app to a tightly knit group of beta testers comprising different stakeholders and collect their feedback.

App Optimisation

Usually lasts 4 weeks

Feedback collected from the Beta stage is then prioritised and integrated in the app in equally spaced sprints. At this stage we also create list of features for any future release.Finally,we publish the app to your target audience and start tracking user sessions.

Maintenance & Support

For 12 months

We provide ongoing support to proactively identify bugs, changes, new requirements and to release updates.

This has led customers to
  • 1. Get maximum value on their investment with us.
  • 2. Be More aware about their responsibilities during product development.
  • 3. Be More aware of the reasoning behind estimates and timelines.
  • 4. Plan their marketing or product roll out strategies in advance.